Winter weather is often unpredictable. Some years are mild, with barely any snow. Other years, winters are harsh, bringing freezing temperatures and heavy snow into areas not used to seeing it, and these conditions can impact your inventory and business.

While you may be prepared for winter risks like low temperatures and snow, water intrusion risks are often overlooked. Read on to see how you can protect your business this winter season.


Water Intrusion Risks for Inventory Dealers and their Manufactured Housing, RVs and other Vehicles

While all inventory should be winterized each year, water intrusion can still occur. Consider these water intrusion causes and learn to protect your inventory.

  • Melting snow — Excessive snowmelt can lead to substantial runoff and even flash flooding.

To prevent flooding from damaging your inventory, store inventory on high ground or move snow piles away from inventory.

  • Roof collapse — Heavy snowfall can also cause roofs and awnings to buckle and collapse, causing exposure to the elements for protected inventory.

Use snow rakes or specialty tools to remove heavy snowfall from your inventory.

  • Ice dams — Snow often melts underneath manufactured housing and RV eaves and refreezes. If the water cannot drain properly, it makes its way under the shingles and into seals, leaking into inventory.

Store inventory under cover when possible. Make sure all roofs have proper sealing.

  • Condensation — Water naturally condenses on cold surfaces, including pipes and windowpanes. If your inventory is too humid, mold and mildew may grow. Excessive condensation can drip onto wood, carpet, drywall, and other surfaces prone to water damage.

Winterize inventory stored outdoors before the season starts. If you notice condensation, use a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture in the air.

Protecting Against Water Intrusion Risks for Inventory Dealers

Take the time to read your policy documents before damaging water intrusion and other winter weather arrives. Check that your coverage is up to date, all necessary parties are listed as named insureds, your limits and deductibles are adequate and that you understand the claim filing process.

If you have questions about your policy or coverage and its ability to protect your inventory from water intrusion and other winter weather, contact Lockton Affinity.