Damage to your inventory and buildings doesn’t always occur as a result of theft. Unfortunately, customers, or even employees, can cause accidents and damage. Look at your business’s layout and parking lot structure to see if you can make improvements to prevent these accidents.

Easy parking lot improvements

With a few minor changes to your lot design, you can help reduce accidental inventory damage.

  • Designate parking spaces—Mark specific spaces for employees and customers to park away from your inventory, so that they are less likely to bump into it. Drivers should also be able to back out of spots easily. Restripe parking lines, if necessary.
  • Use natural barricades—If you don’t want fences around your business, consider the natural barricades around the lot such as ditches, landscaping and bushes. Park inventory behind these barricades for additional protection.
  • Consider parking lot design—If you want your lot drivable, ensure aisles are large enough for cars to maneuver through. Leave extra space around dumpsters for sanitation workers, too.
  • Add traffic signage— Provide helpful, lawful signage to protect right-of-way and pedestrians, like stop and yield signs, reserved parking signs for handicapped and van-accessible spaces and speed limit markers.
  • Add parking barriers—For customer parking, consider adding wheel stop barriers along the front end of parking spots to help ensure cars are parked safely within the spaces. These barriers can prevent vehicles from damaging landscaping, buildings and inventory.

Inventory insurance from Lockton Affinity

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